Energy projects


Energy projects

Having versatile experience in energy projects, in particular, oil and gas projects, we can provide solutions from sourcing of assets to decommissioning of assets, used for onshore/offshore drilling, exploration and production. Vital services such as feasibility studies, FEED studies, pre-purchase inspection of assets, contract negotiations with fabrication yards/ shipyards, project management, conversion management, site supervision can be provided to meet the specification & regulatory compliance. We provide life cycle solutions to energy projects, be it

  • Oil & Gas Projects
  • Renewable Energy projects

Leveraging our in-house and external expertise in bio-technology and on-shore, offshore projects in refinery, oil & gas sector, we can develop this customized Power-cum-Bio Diesel Plant to the specific needs of region.
Key objective of this customized projects are:

  • A solution of power crisis
  • Use of Waste as feedstock thus safeguarding health of people
  • Maximizing utilization of feedstocks from residues (biomass, molasses, animal waste etc)
  • Generate Biofuel for domestic use & foreign export

Simple project plan encompasses following 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 - Feasibility Study
  • Phase 2 - Implementation Plan
  • Phase 3 - EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation & Commissioning)

Project Finance options are available depends on the letter of guarantee of government or top 25 international banks.

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